Yeah, yeah, Dan Stevens (Downtown Abbey) is supposedly going to be the Beast opposite Emma Watson's Belle. But the important question is really "Who is going to be Gaston?!"

Both of these casting announcements come with the usual "in negotiations" caveat, but The Hollywood Reporter says that Stevens will play the Beast. No word on whether he's going to be donning some impressive prosthetics or if the Beast will be CGI.


On the all-important Gaston tip, Variety reports that Luke Evans (The Hobbit) is in talks for that part.

So? Eh? Eh?

His eyebrow game is on point. But I think I need to hear him sing about how many dozens of eggs he eats. You know, to help him get large.

Disney's live-action Beauty and the Beast is scheduled to begin production later this year and will be directed by Bill Condon.


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