Disney's Guardians of the Galaxy Ride Is Just the Beginning of Its Marvel Plans

Courtesy Marvel New
Courtesy Marvel New

Disney has announced its first Marvel-themed theme park ride for Disney California Adventure, Guardians of the Galaxy - Mission: BREAKOUT! That wasn’t me exclaiming for joy, the theme park ride literally has all caps and an exclamation point.


Still, I can’t help but get a little hyped. At San Diego-Comic Con on Saturday, Disney promised that Mission: BREAKOUT! is just the beginning in a slough of superhero-themed rides at the theme park.

“It is the first in what is going to become a whole new universe in Disney California Adventure,” Joe Rohoe, veteran executive at Walt Disney Imagineering, said in a video. “All of this is happening as we speak.”

We could be getting rides for Spider-Man or the new Brie Larson-esque Captain Marvel. I can just imagine a Captain America: Civil War-themed attraction where riders have to choose between Captain America and Iron Man, then watch them find out both of their moms’ names are Martha. The magic of Imagineering.

No word what rides we could see in the future, but the first one does look promising. It will take the current The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror elevator ride and revamp it to be a “warehouse fortress power plant,” that coincidentally will still look exactly like the original tower. In a statement, Disney said the ride is about Rocket enlisting riders, or “VIP guests,” to help him liberate some collectibles from the mysterious Taneleer Tivan, aka The Collector. It’ll still use the original tower’s elevator mechanics, but with a new look and soundtrack reminiscent of Guardians of the Galaxy.

There are those who are mourning the loss of the original ride. After all, the Twilight Zone ride has been around since 2004, and even inspired a made-for-TV movie starring Kirsten Dunst. Fans of the original Tower of Terror can still check in until January. Mission: BREAKOUT! is expected to open summer 2017.

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A bad move, in my opinion. Bad for Disney fans - they’re replacing a beloved, iconic ride. Bad for Guardians fans - Disney aren’t bothering to spend the time, talent, or money on a new ride, which a hit movie (with impending sequel) surely deserves. And it’s bad for Twilight Zone fans - A.K.A. EVERY RESPECTABLE HUMAN BEING ON PLANET EARTH.