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Want to know what it'd be like living in the future? Forty-one years after they last gave you the chance, Disney is opening a new version of its "House of The Future" in Disneyland's Tomorrowland. Disneyland's original version of the house opened in 1957, as part of Walt Disney's desire to make his entertainment resort a showcase for the science of tomorrow. This new version, created in partnership with corporations like Hewlett Packard and Microsoft, has much more modest goals: It's there to make you want to buy things.


Microsoft's Matt Rosoff explained just what they're getting out of the new future house:

I don't think Microsoft wants to get directly into retail, but it looks like these types of demonstrations are a way for it to get its brand in front of the public... It's an audience that's there to be entertained and specifically coming to see these kinds of things.


Disney's Dave Miller agrees:

It's much different than a spiel that you would get at a trade show... We won't get into the bits and the bytes. It will be about the digital lifestyle and how that lifestyle can help you.

Of course, that lifestyle will only be able to help you in the future if you've purchased the products with the right labels. [Associated Press]

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