Disney's Best Buddy Hasbro Is In Talks To Buy Dreamworks. Weird, Right?

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Toymaker Hasbro is in talks to buy CG movie powerhouse Dreamworks Animation for some ungodly amount of money. According to Deadline.com, , the two giants would form "a family entertainment powerhouse to be called DreamWorks-Hasbro." But what does Disney think about this?


The reason I ask is because Dreamworks Animation is the closest thing to a competitor Disney and Pixar have in the children's movie market, while Disney owns the properties of three of Hasbro's biggest licenses: Star Wars, Marvel, and Disney itself (including the insanely popular Disney Princess line, which they recently took away from Hasbro's competitor Mattel). CNBC thinks that Disney will have to approve the deal, or else Hasbro will risk losing three of their main moneymakers.

But I honestly can't imagine Hasbro trying to merge with one of Disney's biggest competitors without their express approval... or at their instigation. I mean, I've often thought that Disney would be buying Hasbro next — it seems like a logical progression in their ongoing campaign to conquer the entire kids' entertainment industry. What if they could also get ownership of one of their biggest competitors in the process?

Maybe they're all trying to avoid some kind of FCC thing, maybe Disney thinks by inserting its close personal friend and business partner into Dreamworks they can control it indirectly. Or maybe I'm crazy. But whatever the truth is, I just can't imagination Hasbro trying to make this deal without Disney being involved in some way.

[Via USA Today]


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