Disneyland Paris is getting a Star Wars Land

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By the year 2015, Disneyland Paris could have its very own Star Wars Land. What started as internet whispers on the Disneyland Paris Forums has been upgraded to an actual possibility, according to the Disney and More Blog, who has confirmed from Imagineers that plans are underway to construct a Star Wars Land equipped with a Mos Eisley Cantina.

The park will allegedly be build around Disney Paris' new Star Tours ride, and it will have a Jedi Academy, the Cantina, and a crap-load of broke Americans who spent all their money on plane tickets. This attraction will expand as the park's popularity grows. There is no justice!

[Via Slashfilm]

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Now imagine if Disney ever decides to pull the trigger on their Night Kingdom idea. The short description is that NK would be a 5th gate at WDW, but would be limited to only 2000 guests a day. It also would not be part of a typical package. You would book in advance and work with an agent to prepare your "perfect night of adventure".

Enjoy five course dinners, zip lining over alligators and light saber duels with Darth Vader? They will make each happen on your visit to the Night Kingdom.

Basically it is a park devoted to making what ever your fantasy come true. As long as it is part of the Disney properties, not going to embrass them and you have enough money.

I can see lots of Star Wars fans building packages around the franchise.