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Disney Wants Chris Pratt For Indiana Jones, SOLD

Could Christ Pratt be the next Indiana Jones? We certainly hope so, because THAT IS JUST PERFECT. SOLD. YES. *MAKE IT SO GIF HERE*

Deadline is reporting that Disney is “eyeing” Pratt for an Indiana Jones revival. Look, we don’t necessarily think that Indiana Jones should be revived. But if it has to happen, we would prefer that Pratt take up the hat and whip. They also worry that this is way early in the process and that we should all cool our heads, but... this would just be so great.


Top image via Entertainment Weekly.

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John Cooley

So, when do we reach peak Pratt? Every hero has to fall eventually, right?

EDIT: I take it back, sweet Jesus this picture

I think I get it now. There is no Pratt peak; there is only the Pratt singularity.