This is more proof that it's the singing Disney villains, not the heroes, that deserve center stage. Give this a listen and you will never sing the correct lyrics again. Also, stick around for Scar's truly amazing entrance.


Other excellent moments: the excellent James Woods' impression the Hades does, Cruella's saunters, Jafar's excellent hitting of the high notes, And yet, I very much question that the rest of the Disney villains would be that terrified of Scar above all others. Hades, for all his issues, at least managed to rule somewhere for a long time without running it into the ground. And Maleficent turns into a fucking dragon. Hell, all the magically gifted villains should have a leg up on Scar. It's a good rhyme, though.

Ah, OneRepublic. You're going to become a victim of the Weird Al Effect so quickly, because the parodies of your songs are so much more memorable than the originals.


[via Viral Viral Videos]

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