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Add another name to Disney's ever-growing list of properties. Guillermo del Toro and Disney are teaming up to launch horror cartoon label Double Dare You, and they've already got a film in the works.


As part of its master plan to capture a greater male audience, Disney is looking to Double Dare You to create a darker slate of animated films than the usual Disney cartoon fare, as well as produce books and merchandising tie-ins. The plan is for Del Toro to produce all of Double Dare You's films, as well as direct some of the features.

First on the agenda is Trollhunters, based on an original story by Del Toro, which will introduce a mysterious aspect of his new brand:

The pics will all be tied together by "one feature that shall remain secret, but that you shall soon be very familiar with," del Toro said.


Image by *blix-it on Deviant Art.

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