Disney is revving up to remake one of its most expensive science-fiction endeavors, The Black Hole. The minds behind Tron Legacy are involved, but can they duplicate the PG-rated terror of the original?

In 1979 Disney spent $20 Million bringing the USS Cygnus to life. The ship hovered outside a black hole, unaffected by its pull. The main characters aboard another ship, the Palomino, discover this long-lost ship and have to board it for repairs. All that's left of the crew is Doctor Hans Reinhardt and a bunch of creepy droids, of course the doctor has sunk deep into madness and calamity ensues.


Heat Vision is reporting that Joseph Kosinski and Sean Bailey, from the new Tron along with scriptwriter Travis Beacham. The only other details being revealed are that it will reveal the science surrounding the black hole, and Maximilian will be back.

This movie scared the crap out of me when I was younger — let's not forget the faceless drones, or what those creatures could look like today...

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