Disney plans a brand new Star Wars movie EVERY SINGLE YEAR

Illustration for article titled Disney plans a brand new emStar Wars/em movie EVERY SINGLE YEAR

When Disney first bought Lucasfilm, we heard that they aimed to put out a new Star Wars film every two to three years, which seemed like an ambitious schedule. But Disney just announced at CinemaCon that they're aiming much higher than that.


In keeping with the speedy release schedule they keep for their Marvel films, Disney wants to put out one Star Wars film per year, starting in 2015. Every other year, you'll get a new "Episode" of the new Star Wars trilogy. And then in the off-years, you'll get a "standalone" film like the Boba Fett solo picture they're planning. If they can manage Marvel levels of quality control, we're all for this — but that's a big "if."


I have a bad feeling about this...

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Let me translate for you. Disney is going to beat the living tar out of the franchise and extract every last penny from it, until it turns to dust and blows away in the solar wind.