Disney May Be Thinking About Marvel And Star Wars TV Channels

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Tucked inside an interview with Daily Finance is the news that Disney CEO Bob Iger seems to be considering two TV channels dedicated to Marvel entertainment and all things Star Wars, respectively.


If you’re wondering how Star Wars could possibly get its own channel out of six movies and a handful of cartoon series, the answer is that it’ll probably be streaming:

Disney rolling out a Marvel Channel or Star Wars Network probably wouldn’t come as a surprise, especially if we’re talking about streaming television, where adding channels is far easier to do than with conventional pay-TV access, where spectrum limitations and carriage rights challenges exist. Disney could — and should — create different programming options if it does introduce its own version of Sling TV or PlayStation Vue consisting entirely of Disney-owned content.


Hmm. I’m curious as to how this would work with Marvel’s deal with Netflix. I doubt Netflix would be that excited about Marvel starting their own in-house streaming site, but Netflix is co-producing Daredevil and those other three Marvel shows, so they’re not going anywhere for the time being. I guess Netflix couldn’t stop Disney, but I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t be happy, especially if Disney took all their other Marvel and Star Wars content off Netflix. Hmm indeed.

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But would these be available? That’s the real question.