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Seemingly in response to the Marvel/Disney buyout, Warner Brothers have announced a surprise restructuring, creating its own in-house IP-development company, DC Entertainment. Which means WB might be jump starting its stalled-out superhero movies — hopefully including Wonder Woman.


This clever marketing move hot on the heels of the Marvel announcement was no doubt pushed out early to keep up with the Disney hype machine. But Warner Brothers President, Jeff Robinov has always had a plan for DC.

According to the press release, DC Entertainment will be headed by Diane Nelson, one of the major player in the WB acquiring Harry Potter, and will oversee "strategically integrating the DC Comics business, brand and characters deeply into Warner Bros. Entertainment and all its content and distribution businesses."


What does this mean for you and me? Not much just yet (apart from the stepping down of current DC Comics president Paul Levitz, who'll be returning to writing and the characters who made his name, the Legion of Super-Heroes). As of right now, it looks more like a clever marketing move to make sure that the WB can stand toe to toe with Disney. But creating the WB-backed DC Entertainment could forcibly lead to a lot of "the studio knows best" decisions for movie future of DC characters, as DC will have to report to Nelson and Robinov. In a letter to the masses Diane Nelson assures the public that they intend on "maintaining the integrity of the properties and DC's longstanding commitment to and respect for writers, creators and artists."

But it seems likely that creating a new chain of command at DC and Warner Bros. will lead to some new activity from the company's rusty superhero pipeline. With only Green Lantern still on the way — and even that film has had some budget problems lately — DC seems to be having trouble emulating Marvel's strategy of putting out multiple super-films per year. But that may soon be changing.

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