Disney Is Now Doing Marvel Superhero Cruises

Credit: Disney Cruise Line

Disney’s latest Marvel cash-grab shows they aren’t content with their superheroes dancing on ice, taking over the Tower of Terror, or being weirdly cross-promoted by General Hospital. They now want us to take treks out into the middle of the ocean with them.

Disney Cruise Line recently announced they’re added a “Marvel Day at Sea” to several of their cruises out of New York. During these daylong onboard adventures, kids can spend a day hanging out with Captain America, Thor, and Spider-Man, and parents can quietly head to the spa because The Hulk’s probably a good-enough babysitter.


It just shows how much of a money-making behemoth Marvel has become for Disney ever since the Mouse bought them for $4-billion seven years ago. Marvel films continue to meet and/or break box office records, and in 2013, Spider-Man alone brought in more than $1.3-billion in licensed sales. Frankly, I’m surprised Disney waited this long to add a full day of Marvel stuff to some of their cruises.

Of course, we’re really still seeing the beginning of what Disney could really do with Marvel marketing. You’ve also got the not-quite-confirmed Marvel land at Disney’s California Adventure, beginning with the redesign of Hollywood Tower of Terror as a Guardians of the Galaxy ride. It does run the risk of becoming too commercialized, leading to audiences getting really, really sick of superheroes, but I don’t imagine that happening for awhile.

The “Marvel Day at Sea” cruise trips start in October 2017.

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