Disney Is Building A Gigantic Toy Story Hotel And It Looks Totally Rad

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Now this is a great idea. We have absolutely no idea what Disney's Toy Story-themed Shanghai hotel will look like on the inside, but we're seriously hoping for a toy's-eye view experience.


The Disney Insider Blog has revealed the official concept art from a Toy Story Hotel that will be built in the new Disney Shanghai resort. The exterior mimics the classic wallpaper from Andy's bedroom, and right in the center of the entrance is the classic Pixar ball. Not much else was revealed at the website; the only official details we have is this art and this statement, "The Resort's Toy Story Hotel will transport guests to a world inspired by the toys from the Disney/Pixar series of Toy Story animated films."

So it could be just about anything, but we're crossing our fingers for a hotel that's built from the POV of a toy. Imagine guests climbing in gigantic chairs, walking under massive table legs, life-size toys sitting up against the walls. It could be a lot of fun. More details about the upcoming Shanghai resort at The Disney Insider.


[Via Slashfilm]

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As long as it's better than the "Honey I Shrunk the Kids" thing from Epcot(?).

By the way, is it just me or is China basically priming itself for a real-life, badass sci fi setting? With this hotel, and all of the empty cities that are based on other major cities of the world - that don't have any people in them, and could lead to the dystopia by way of wasteful spending - I'm getting all of these great visuals of sad, weary, hungry people - where, perhaps in the opening shot, you start in on a close-up of a person who at first looks like any other homeless person (with a weird hat or Superbowl 77 t-shirt or something) and as it pans out, it's revealed they're in the mini-Eiffel Tower or something similar.

And if it's a dystopia where all the spending pans out - we're all under joint-Communist-China-Verizon Wireless Rule.