Disney gets into the dystopian YA novel game

We're just guessing that the bioengineered paradise where a teenage girl and her clone fight over the same guy will turn out to be less than perfect once the truth is revealed, in the new young adult novel Beta by Rachel Cohn. Beta, coming Fall 2012 from Disney-Hyperion, will be the first of four books in a new series from Cohn, who's moving into YA fiction after having written several successful children's books, including the Cyd Charisse books. Here's how the press release describes the new series that starts with Beta:

The series is set in the island paradise of the Annex, the most exclusive playground on earth. Bioengineered to tropical perfection, it costs a fortune to get there and even more to stay…Two teenage girls-one a human clone and the other the human girl from whom the clone was duplicated-are both stranded in the Annex, and are in love with the same guy.



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Disney doesn't need YA fiction to do utopia/dystopia. Their theme parks are troubled hyperreal paradises.