Disney casts Idris Elba as the tiger Shere Khan for The Jungle Book

Illustration for article titled Disney casts Idris Elba as the tiger Shere Khan for emThe Jungle Book/em

Idris Elba's going to play a tiger in the heavily CG-ed but still live-action Disney remake of The Jungle Book. We can see it.


Deadline is reporting that the man everyone wants to play James Bond has been cast as a voice for the CG tiger in Jon Favreau's Jungle Book movie. The movie will be based on Rudyard Kipling's original work and Elba will be the antagonist. Super duper excited about this casting — Elba's voice totally works as a tiger. Just imagine that purr.

Thankfully the legendary, Oscar-winning Rob Legato (Avatar, Hugo) is in charge of this film's visual effects, so this could end up looking pretty cool.

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I have a sneaking suspicion this will lead to some very confusing pants-feelings for a lot of people.

Except for the ones who had crushes on the Disney Robin Hood fox. They will feel perfectly at ease.