Disney Attempts To Merge Wall-E And Bolt In Pet Robots

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What happens when war machines runaway from home and just want to have fun instead? That's one of the questions of former animator Scott Christian Sava's graphic novel, Pet Robots, which is now being made into a movie by Disney. That's right; soon we will all learn to find the military industrial complex both cute and lovable. And collectable!Sava, who spent the 1990s as a special effects animator on shows like Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers before becoming a comic book writer and artist, published Pet Robots through his own Blue Dream Studios company this year; the story revolves around four kids getting lost in a toy factory and discovering four mysteriously militaristic robots that follow them home, only to themselves be followed by the nefarious toymaker, Vandenburger Meisterburger. And if that name doesn't give you an idea of the tone of the story, I'm not sure what will. Disney taps scribe for 'Pet Robots' [Hollywood Reporter]


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Hey, I can live with a military-industrial complex that's cute and collectable.