When your dog dies, it's a tough loss. But now you can bring back Fido, and not in the "Pet Cemetery" evil-pet way, either. BioArts International, a biotech company in California announced this week that they're partnering with South Korean cloning expert (and fraudster) Hwang Woo-Suk to deliver dog copies to the five highest bidders in their pet-cloning auction. Bids start at $100,000 dollars.

In 2004 and 2005 Hwang was regarded as top mind in human cloning. His research seemed to show that he'd been able to clone human embryonic stem cells, a huge accomplishment that would open the door to a new era in cloning and medicine.


That all changed in 2006 when news surfaced that he had fabricated his data and unethically obtained eggs from female researchers working in his lab. Disgraced, he left his prestigious position in academia to go work in animal cloning.

And now he's back, promising to keep your beloved K-9 around in cloned perpetuity for nothing more than a huge outlay of cash. Nevermind that he's already shown himself to be an utterly unethical scientist who will stop at nothing for personal gain (that says something abut the BioArts International's CEO Lou Hawthorne, too, who's got three copies of his dog Missy, pictured). Nevermind the valuable lessons Arnold Schwarzenegger tried to teach us all about the evils of cloning pets in the movie "The Sixth Day."

What's important, Hwang and Hawthorne are telling us, is that instead of saying goodbye to our pets, they can effectively live forever. Profit motive aside, I'm not sure if this is a good thing or not.

Source: Associated Press


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