Disenchantment's Heroes Are All of Us in the Latest Glimpses From the Show

From left to right: Luci the Demon, Princess Bean, and Elfo the elf.
From left to right: Luci the Demon, Princess Bean, and Elfo the elf.
Image: Netflix

The thing that’s always made Matt Groening’s fantastical worlds relatable is that they’re all fundamentally similar to ours. Regardless of the universe they exist in, Groening’s characters are all drinking to escape the reality of their lives.

Even though Disenchantment is perfectly able to stand on its own based solely on its premise, Netflix has done the world a solid and dropped two sizzle reels featuring some of the series’ core characters who really sell the show.

Even though Princess Bean’s hard-boozing habits might not resonate with all of Disenchantment’s audience, you’ve got to hand it to Netflix for leading with the reality of the show. Bean’s tough, sure, but she’s just out here trying to get by like the rest of us.


Disenchantment, starring Broad City’s Abbi Jacobson and voiceover mainstays like John DiMaggio and Maurice LaMarche, premieres on August 17.

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Anyone complaining that the trailers are kinda meh should remember that the promos for Futurama were just as underwhelming. Groening’s shows tend to succeed on a character-based level. That’s something the writers for The Simpsons gradually forgot, and it’s also the case with Futurama on Comedy Central.