Discover Your Next Favorite Science Fiction Author

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Want to discover some cool new authors, and feel in-the-know about one of the most important Hugo awards at the same time? It's your lucky day. You have two easy ways to get to know the nominees for the John W. Campbell Award for Best New SF Writer. Arachne Jericho's Spontaneous Derivation blog has a rundown of the Campbell finalists, including what they've written, their website URLs, and a brief writing sample. And finalist Jon Armstrong is interviewing the other finalists on his podcast, If You're Just Joining Us. Find out how Joe Abercrombie feels about bad reviews, or Mary Robinette Kowal's magic formula for elevator pitches, by clicking the links. [Spontaneous Derivation and If You're Just Joining Us]


Chris Braak

I liked The Lies of Locke Lamora. I feel like it kind of unraveled a little towards the end, but whatever; it was still dramatic and interesting enough to make me want to read the sequel.