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You know that every time you read spoilers online, Steven Spielberg feels sad that you're ruining the movie-watching experience. And yet, here you are. You're determined to discover secrets of Spielberg's own Indiana Jones IV, read early reviews of Iron Man, see tantalizing pics of X-Files 2, and learn the secrets of The Happening. Because you hate movies. You also hate TV, as evidenced by your willingness to read what's next on Lost and watch a clip from the next Doctor Who. You're Spielberg's worst nightmare: a spoiler junkie with a hose in your vein.

Iron Man:

That metal thingy in the middle of Tony Stark's chest? It doesn't just keep his heart beating, it actually replaces his heart, claims one guy who's seen the movie. And part of Tony's transformation when he returns home from his harrowing captivity in Afghanistan is that he starts seeing more in Pepper Potts (Gwyneth Paltrow) than just a lowly assistant.


Tony decides to stop making weapons, but his mentor Obadiah Stane (Jeff Bridges) disagrees and cuts Tony out of all decision-making at his own company. So Tony puts on his Iron Man suit and flies back to Afghanistan to destroy all the weapons he made. Also, the film is too long and sluggish, especially the first half. [Moviehole]

Indiana Jones:

Indiana Jones IV is about "greed, abduction, the Cold War, anticommunist fervor, torture, theft, artifact-acquisition rivalry, and the post-WWII generation gap," says Entertainment Weekly. The warriors you meet in the South American jungle are called the Ugha, and there are "large, nasty ants." Shia LaBoeuf plays a "muscled up" Marlon Brando-style punk-rebel named Mutt Williams. The Russians are seeking that Crystal Skull because of its "reputed mind-controlling powers." There were aliens in earlier drafts of the movie's script, but nobody's saying whether they're still in there. Oh, and Indiana Jones doesn't die in this movie.

X-Files: I Want To Believe:

Here are two new X-Files stills that just came out. [Slashfilm]


The Happening:

The "villlain" in The Happening, to some extent, stays unseen, says director M. Night Shyamalan. It's a "very scary thing that can permeate the entire movie — even when you walk out of the theatre." [Entertainment Weekly again]


Doctor Who:

Here's a completely random Doctor Who rumor: Donna will die at the end of the season, and Rose will stay with the Doctor, appearing in all the 2009 specials. [Soapchat]


And here's a clip from this Saturday's episode. Digital Spy have also done their ever-annoying thing of releasing some real, and some fake, spoilers for the episode. Off the top of my head, I'm guessing it's true that the Ood should be holding something organic instead of those translation globes they're all stuck with, and there's a silly song that markets the Ood as servants. [Planet Gallifrey]


The Lost producers held a teleconference yesterday, and spilled some info about upcoming episodes. Don't expect to see Penny any time soon, because actress Sonya Walger is busy with her HBO show, but we will see more of Penny/Desmond at some point. The fate of Danielle and Karl will be decided in the next episode, and they were shot with actual bullets. We'll get more of Danielle's backstory, even if she really is dead.


As for the Jack/Kate/Sawyer triangle, producer Damon Lindelof says:

All we can say is that Sawyer is not one of the Oceanic Six, and Jack and Kate are. Obviously there will be a huge focus in the finale in terms of how that series of events transpires and what ultimately happens to Sawyer, and it's all on the axis of the love triangle. We think that both fans of Sawyer and Kate — otherwise known as the 'Skaters,' I am told — and Jack and Kate, the 'Jaters,' will have a bounty of interesting romance scenes.


We'll also revisit the Jack/Juliet relationship in episode 10.

They had no comment about whether we'll be seeing Claire after this season, but added that she'll have some "compelling events" in the next batch of episodes. We'll also see more of Jeff Fahey in upcoming episodes, and more than we might expect to see of Alan Dale.


Orchid will play a big role in the season finale. And huge, "seismic" events will befall all the characters before the season's end. Some characters' fates will be clear — but not all.

We'll see more of that wacky four-toed statue, and it will be explained before the show ends. We'll also see more of the smoke monster and of Jacob. The end of the show will be an end, and won't be open-ended in any way. They've already written the final scene of Lost, and everything is leading up to it. [Spoilers Lost]


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