Discover the weirdness of science (without any pesky context)

Our favorite new website is Out of Context Science, a Tumblr-like blog that posts weird snippets from scientific papers several times a day. Want to understand our world and the miracles of physics? Look elsewhere.

But if you want to be deeply amused and distracted by the decontextualized weirdness of scientific papers and articles, then Out of Context Science is a gem.


Random sentences include:

"Such a powerful laser has an obvious dual purpose, which is unlikely to please other space faring nations."

"There is no decision making going on by the mucus."

"They put a nautilus in a tank of water, and pressurized the tank until the nautilus imploded."


"By the late Cretaceous, only toothless pterosaurs remained."

"This was clearly the environment the stem cells needed to be happy."

"It grows until it drops off to mature into an Aliens inspired cyst that spits out 300 new little bastard parasites."


The hilarious weirdness just keeps coming. You can lose an hour looking through all of the randomness. [Out of Context Science]

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