Did you blow your chance to watch Gravity in 3D and/or in Imax? You poor bastard. You can't possibly recapture the experience on your home TV (yes, even if you have one of those giant home theaters with stadium seating), but at least you'll get to pause to use the bathroom. Plus Thor, Harry Potter, and more!



These extras, by the way, include a giant making-of documentary, VFX breakdowns, a featurette on space debris, and more.

Thor: The Dark World

Thor must team up with his brother Loki to battle the dark elf Malekith, and Jane Porter punches a bunch of gods. The Blu-ray coms with the new Mandarin-focused short "All Hail the King," a look at Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and other assorted goodies.

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Collection


All eight movies on 31 discs, including a bonus disc of three hours of new extras, including featurettes on the kids' stunt doubles, the films' design, an extended version of the "last day on set" doc, and more.

The Shadow: Collector's Edition


On Blu-ray. Somewhere on Shout Factory's marketing team, a poor executive is thinking, "Couldn't Alec Baldwin have written that letter any other week?!"

300 Spartans


The original 1961 film about the battle at Thermopylae, on Blu-ray and given a cover to hopefully trick non-discerning purchasers that they're buying 300.

Mr. Nobody


Jared Leto is the 118-year-old, last mortal man on Earth because everybody else achieved immortality and left Jared Leto behind. That's got to be somewhat hurtful.

Love, Election + Chocolate


A new student president vows to get rid of all school clubs that are secretly just ways to slack off, but one student will fight for his right to do nothing. It's an anime, obviously.



The first ever OVA — original video animation — in Japan, directed by Ghost in the Shell's Mamoru Oshii back in 1983, in which a group of moon miners rebel against the authoritarian Earth government. Like a more down-to-Earth Gundam (no pun intended).

My Dog, The Space Traveler


Some guy's dog is a space traveler.

Robo Croc


Self-explanatory. I hate this film without having seen it, though, because they so easily could have made RoboFop instead, and that would have been awesome.

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