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Morning SpoilersIf there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here.

Yay spoilers! Bryan Singer breaks down X-Men: First Class for us, and eyewitnesses describe a new Inception trailer. Plus a blow-by-blow Doctor Who description, and Lost set video. Plus Toy Story 3, Supernatural, Chuck and Heroes spoilers!


X-Men: First Class:

This movie is "basically about the formation of the X-Men. How they began and the relationship between a young Xavier and a young Magneto," says Bryan Singer. And it means you may never get to see the planned Magneto origin movie. "This story would probably utilize some of the Magneto story because it deals with a young Magneto, so it might supersede that because this would explore that relationship between a young energetic professor and a disenfranchised victim of the Holocaust." And he says he's still working on a big-screen Battlestar Galactica movie, but he hasn't found a writer yet. [Heat Vision Blog]



Here's a new poster for this Christopher Nolan epic. [MTV]

And apparently a new trailer is appearing in front of Sherlock Holmes, and there are some early descriptions. You hear a voiceover: "What's the most resilient form of parasite? An idea. An idea has the power to build a city… to change the world, and re-write all the rules." And then lots of weird imagery zips past, like a city block folding upwards into an L shape, and a train racing down a street and smashing into cars, and people fighting in mid-air, and a motorcycle racing a car. Then the voiceover turns into Leonardo DiCaprio holding a gun and saying "That's why I have to steal it." ("It" meaning the aforementioned world-changing idea.) And there's lots of people fighting and water imagery. [Slashfilm]


Despicable Me:

Here's a new poster for this animated supervillain epic. [Cinemablend]

Toy Story 3:

Here's some "color script" art, designed to show off how the colors in the film are supposed to look, most of it from the film's flashback sequences. [Slashfilm]


Doctor Who:

Virgin Media has posted a "Viewmaster" type slide show of the first 20 minutes or so of "The End Of Time Part 1." The pictures are mostly old, but the spoilers are pretty intense. As the story begins, everyone on Earth is having nightmares, but only Wilf can remember what they're about — and he realizes he needs the Doctor's help. Meanwhile, the Doctor visits the Ood and they say that they, too, are having nightmares — about the Master.


The Master's widow, Lucy Saxon, gets brought to visit the new governor of her prison, only to find out he's an imposter, one of her ex-husband's acolytes. Using that fateful ring, they resurrect the Master, but he comes back damaged and more insane than ever. He roams a junkyard, scaring the residents. The Doctor, meanwhile, rushes to Earth and uses his super-power of smell to "sniff" out the Master. (No, really. He smells him.) They talk, and the Doctor insists he just wants to help, but the Master is too deranged. And finally he runs away.

Wilf enlists the aid of a bunch of senior citizens, called the Silver Curtain, to track the Doctor down. They talk, and the Doctor realizes that Wilf must be special, since he keeps connecting with the Doctor. The Doctor tells Wilf to tell him anything he knows, and Wilf mentions Donna brought home a strange book by Joseph Naismith. They decide to track this Naismith down, in the TARDIS.


But Naismith, with his paramilitary army, have already captured the Master, who's in bondage. It turns out that Naismith has something called the Immortality Gate, which can heal whole worlds, and he wants the Master to fix it. The Doctor appears in Naismith's basement, and meets two members of the Vinvocci species, Rossiter and Addams, who brought the Immortality Gate there. The Doctor runs upstairs, just in time to see the Master step into the Gate. And then everyone cries out, shouting that the Master is in their heads... [Virgin Media]

The Master actually "takes over the world again," says John Simm. [Planet Gallifrey]



So yesterday we showed you some pics of a fight scene between Jin and Mikhail, and now here's a bit of video, courtesy of the same eyewitness, Darin the Pharmacist. [TV Overmind]


Also, apparently the fact that Maggie Grace won't be in the early episodes of season six (despite the alternate timeline where Flight 815 lands safely) will be explained. Not only does the plane land safely, but the repercussions from the nuke going off mean that both Shannon and Boone are very different people than the ones we know. Their backstory will be significantly altered. And also, Sawyer kisses either Kate or Juliet within the first four hours of the season. [E! Online]

And here are a couple new teasers. [Slashfilm]



Sam and Dean will die and go to heaven. [E! Online]


Confused? Don't be. Or do, if you prefer. But if you don't like being confused, then ABC is there for you.



There may be a secret passage leading out of the media room at the Buy More. And Chuck will make out with Kristen Kreuk's character, like a couple of teenagers. [E! Online]


Carina returns in episode 3x02 and it's awesome. Also in that episode, Casey gets to go undercover as someone other than a waiter, with amusing results. Episode 3x03 is a combined Devon/Casey episode, which gives insights into both their pasts. And we meet Shaw in episode 3x04. Also, Kreuk's introduction is "more organic" than fans may have feared. [ChuckTV]


Sally Champlin, who plays Lynette, Tweeted that she has a scene opposite George Takei in episode 4x15, "Pass/Fail." [SpoilerTV]


And here's a new promo for the next two episodes:

Additional reporting by Josh C. Snyder.


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