Discover The Secret Shame Of Dr. Horrible's Moist

While we wait for the DVD release of Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, you can get a small dose of Joss Whedon's world of super-villainy - and discover the secret origin of sidekick Moist - in a brand new webcomic written by Fringe's Zack Whedon.


Moist: Humidity Rising is the second in a planned series of webcomics highlighting the background characters of the Whedon family's musical; next up, according to Zack? An Archies-style flashback to the musical's groupies in high school:

Captain Hammer fits the teen idol mold a little bit better... I picture them all being friends in high school, and gossiping about Captain Hammer, and going to see Captain Hammer at the mall and whatever other public appearances he makes.

It's either genius or insanity. Or somehow both.

Moist: Humidity Rising [MySpace]


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