Discover The Secret Of Lost. Maybe.

The secret to Lost may be the kind of thing that Samuel Beckett knows a thing or two about. Not Samuel Beckett the writer, however; I'm talking about Scott Bakula's displaced scientist from 1980s time-hopping show Quantum Leap. At least, that's the theory behind Jason Hunter's website, called Lost: A Theory on Time Travel.

According to Hunter, the key to understanding ABC's island weirdathon drama is to start from the assumption that it's all about time-loops, alternate time lines and, most importantly, the ability to travel back in time:

The LOST series revolves around the use of a quasi-conventional time machine. All of the "mysteries" that the show presents can be explained through an understanding of how this time machine is used. While many think that a time machine is a "cheap" answer to the show, I can assure you that once LOST makes the "big reveal," there will be much to think about and reflect upon.


That's right - According to Jason, every question in the show whether it be Polar Bear-related or just what's up with Ben, can be answered with the words "time" and "travel" (Specifically, characters traveling back in time and an island stuck in a time loop). To illustrate the point, he's written a pretty extensive timeline of events in the show to date with explanations as to how things may have happened behind the scenes. And if you can't be bothered to read all of that, there's also a handy-dandy graphic version:

Worryingly enough, the theory makes a lot of sense when you start to think it all through. Has Jason worked out the secrets of television's self-styled most confusing show? And if so, how long before someone tries to make him take down the site?

Lost: A Theory on Time Travel.


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