Discover The Manufacturing Process of Toy Figurines

One of the absolute best shows on television is How It’s Made, which goes through the manufacturing processes of everything from frozen pizzas to pencil sharpeners. In their latest video, they look at how plastic toy figures are created.


In this video, they go over the entire process, starting with a sketch from an artist, and runs through the assembly process that ends with a finished product. It’s interesting to see just how detailed figures can be made, and how they end up creating a toy that is fun to play with.

How It’s Made has always been an enlightening and important show for this reason: the end consumer receives the end product, but has very little idea about how that product was created. Understanding just how complicated the life cycle of everyday objects is good to know, either by learning just how many people are involved, or by simply appreciating your next purchase of a toy dinosaur.

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Deth Ryder

My wife and I just love the show - fascinating yet strangely soothing - but the way they broadcast like 10 in a row can heavily exacerbate couch lock.