Margaret Atwood, Johnnie Christmas, and Tamra Bonvillain’s Angel Catbird was one of the most delightful comics of last year, introducing us to the wild, weird world of superpowered cat-bird-people and beyond. The second volume in the series hit shelves this week, and to celebrate, we’ve got a delightful preview.

Angel Catbird’s debut last year left us on the verge of a massive war between cat-hybrids and rat-hybrids—a conflict that will see Angel Catbird himself, scientist-turned-hero (turned cat-bird-man) Strig Feleedus and his gang venture to the deepest heart of Transylvania to... well, Castle Catula, of course. What, were you not expecting a cat pun?


Check out an excerpt from the volume below, which sees Count Catula himself—Dracula’s cat!—reveal his origin story, alongside who else but Nefertiti, former Egyptian queen and current ancient half-cat being. Stuff is getting downright whimsical in this series.

Angel Catbird’s second volume is available now.