Discover Sunny's Origins in This Exclusive Look at the Into the Badlands Comic

Since it launched a few weeks ago, AMC has also been releasing digital pages from an Into the Badlands comic alongside the TV show, exploring the background of this crazy, bloody world. Want a sneak peek at what’s coming up in Sunny’s adventures? We’ve got an exclusive look at the next issue!


Written by Into the Badlands co-producer Matt Okumura and with art by Steve Ellis, the Into the Badlands comic follows the story of protagonist Sunny and his adventures as a Clipper in the Badlands before the events of the series. AMC is releasing three issues of the comic online throughout the airing of the show’s first season, in half-issue segments. You can check out the first three pages of the second issue below, exclusively on io9:


You can read the remaining seven pages of issue 2’s first half over on—and the rest of the issue will be available to read for free on December 4th.

Header Image Credit: Into the Badlands #2 cover by Mark Brooks.


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