Morning SpoilersIf there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here.  

Learn what John Malkovich's doing in Transformers 3, what's happening to Mickey Rourke in Iron Man 2, and what Sam Worthington wants to do in Terminator 5. A new Doctor Who trailer is the best yet. Plus Star Wars/Caprica/V clips.

Iron Man 2:

Did we already post this? I can't find it, if so. In any case, the May 2010 issue of Total Film includes an interview with Mickey "Whiplash" Rourke, in which he seems to give away the fate of his character:

Well, the only thing I can tell you is that they had decided to kill me and we did film it with Gwyneth Paltrow. And then they came to New Mexico and re-shot it and now it's left up in the air…


So Pepper Potts plays a huge role in whatever happens to Whiplash, and it's no longer fatal, by the sound of things. [Total Film via Comic Book Movie via CinemaBlend]

Transformers 3:

A day after Michael Bay announced that John Malkovich and Frances McDormand are joining this film, news is leaking out about whom they're playing — Malkovich is Sam Witwicky's first boss. And McDormand has a "big role" as the National Intelligence Director. [Deadline]


I don't think we mentioned yet that Community/The Hangover's Ken Jeong has a role in this movie. [E! Online]

Terminator 5:

Sam Worthington, co-star of Terminator Salvation, wants to come back in a sequel. Sadly, Worthington's character died at the end of the latest movie. But Worthington has an idea of how to work around that:

"I had an idea that we'd go back in time to when Marcus was first put in jail. They broke Linda Hamilton out of jail in ['Terminator 2: Judgment Day'], out of the nuthouse. In this one, they'd have to go back in time and break Marcus out of jail. It's the same kind of mirror image. [That way,] he would be more fallible, because he's human; he's not metallic. He can get hurt. He still has the gung-ho attitude, but he can get hurt now.


Sadly for Worthington, his pitch hasn't been embraced by whoever's actually making the next Terminator. [MTV]

Harry Potter:

A big special effects set piece went wrong and torched part of the Hogwarts set, but the last film is chugging ahead. (The big spoiler, I guess, being the not surprising fact that there are a lot of pyrotechnics in the climactic battle scene.) [NY Mag]


The Hobbit:

Guillermo Del Toro will bring a whole new look to Middle Earth, says Weta's Richard Taylor:

It's an absolute delight to be working with Guillermo Del Toro. We've all enjoyed his craft as seen in 'Pan's Labyrinth' and the 'Hellboy' movies. His unique aesthetic and storytelling style brings a lovely aesthetic to the world and one we're enjoying being part of.


[Associated Press]

Hot Tub Time Machine:

An interview with Rob Corddry gives some new details. Like his character shouts "Shia LeBeouf" during sex. We see Corddry's ass four or five times. When we first see him, he's wearing a suit and drinking in his car, and apparently the backstory is he was an evil derivatives trader who lost everything. And apparently Clark Duke's character, whom Corddry picks on, is actually Corddry's son, we find out. [CinemaBlend]


Doctor Who:

BBC America put out a minute-long trailer for season five, which contains a ton of new Matt Smith soundbites that should totally obliterate any lingering doubts you might still have about the Eleventh Doctor:

New showrunner Steven Moffat explains his approach to the show, which may be more "storybook" than his predecessor Russell T. Davies':

For me, Doctor Who literally is a fairy tale. It's not really science fiction. It's not set in space, it's set under your bed. It's at its best when it's related to you, no matter what planet it's set on.


He claims "there are no past characters" coming back this season, despite all the pictures of River Song we've been seeing — but more specifically, that means no Captain Jack, I think. [Guardian]

And here are some more pics from the season opener, "The Eleventh Hour." [BlogtorWho]


We'll learn in the April 1 episode that if Walter hadn't kidnapped Peter from the alt-universe, both versions of Peter would be dead. [E! Online]



Here's a scene from Friday's big episode, plus a deleted scene from last Friday's episode:
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And here's what happens in the episode:

Daniel sets a deadline to reset the Cylon, forcing Zoe to find a way to save herself; Barnabas clashes with Clarice, with Lacy caught in the middle; Daniel makes a confession to Amanda.




Here's a couple new clips from next week's new episode:

And here's what happens in episode six, "Pound Of Flesh":

Anna introduces her pilot program to invite select groups of humans to stay on each of the 29 space ships, Ryan must deal with the fact that Valerie's pregnancy is wildly accelerated, Tyler learns a secret about his mom, and one of the team makes a sacrifice to save Ryan


[The ODI]

True Blood:

Here are a couple of new teasers, focusing on Eric. And apparently a female castmember will die in the new season — and speculation is it's Arlene, since Carrie Preston has taken a part in another show and Preston has said something "shocking" happens to Arlene. Is that her brandishing a gun in one of these trailers? [E! Online]
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There are two major game-changing twists in the May 24 season finale. And as we've mentioned, there are flashbacks to Chuck's childhood and someone dies in the present. Plus Casey's Crown Vic comes back in a big way, Chuck has a mustache, and Big Mike has a romantic scene with a Subway sandwich. [EW]

Some new pics which look almost exactly the same as ones we've shown before, and might actually be the same ones.


Lester is "grappling with his manhood," says Vik Sahay. He doesn't mean literally — but Lester is trying to grow and work through his issues as a man and all his male friendships — he's on a journey of growth just like Chuck is. And we'll see more of Lester when we see Lester. Whatever that means. [The TV Addict]

Ryan McPartlin (Awesome!) describes the season finale:

At the end of this year, without revealing too much, I've got to say it all just kind of blows up and blends together. They may have to once again reinvent the show for season four.



And not only will that season finale dry-clean all your clothes and fix your bathroom tile grout, it'll also pay off all of the buildup over the season of Chuck's spy superpowers — all of the wackiness so far will feel like just a build-up to the insanity in the final episode. Also, someone's loyalty will shift, and someone will have romance. And new photos show Casey and Morgan both in the thick of the action. Woot. [E! Online]


Zoey keeps wanting to run away with Demetri so he won't be killed, but Demetri keeps insisting on staying and solving the mystery — preventing his own death in an active way, instead of passively. Meanwhile, Janis has "baby on the brain" and will do whatever it takes to get that baby — and we'll see the lengths she goes to. [E! Online]


Here's what happens in the April 8 episode, "Queen's Sacrifice":

Mark and Vogel put a plan into action to uncover the FBI mole, which could end up alienating Mark from his co-workers. Meanwhile, in an effort to protect his family – and his marriage – Mark moves out of the house, and Keiko continues her search in Los Angeles for Bryce and finds employment at the unlikeliest of places.

And we already posted some pics from this episode before.[BSC Review]


Star Wars: The Clone Wars:

Here's a new clip and a new image from Friday's new episode, in which Anakin faces off against an infamous separatist strategist.
And actor Matt Lanter explains his take on Anakin:

I like getting to play the confidence in him – the cockiness. He literally thinks he always has the best plan, and can get his way out of any situation – and the cool thing is that most of the time he can. Yes, we definitely see some flashes of what's to come. He has a temper, and he likes a good fight. But Anakin has a good heart and good intentions, and I try to bring that honesty to the character. He's different from the Anakin we saw in the films; he is more likeable and swashbuckling at this point. I just try to bring out that confident Anakin – and I love that characteristic because it's so much fun for me to play. At this point in the series, I would say he's still a hero – but we are seeing more and more flashes of the dark side, and more of the temper which foreshadows what's to come Anakin wants to do what he believes is just and fair, but I feel like the entire Star Wars universe has shades of gray. The Republic isn't necessarily always right and fair, and that's why Anakin falls in the end. He doesn't like to follow rules if he feels it doesn't make sense to do so. For now, that turns out well, and he saves the day. Sometimes, it doesn't turn out so well…




Hey, remember Desmond and Penny? Apparently, we'll be seeing them again, and that "lovey dovey" Constant stuff will be back, big time. Oh, and in tonight's episode we'll learn the four-letter word that describes the island — and everybody's pretty much convinced it's "cork." Meanwhile, Mr. Eko will definitely not be back because of bad blood behind the scenes. But one major character, not yet announced, will be back, and it'll be shockmazing. [E! Online]


We'll discover what's been eating away at Richard Alpert his whole life, and the cross he has to bear — there's some resolution of that tonight, but it continues to be a problem going forward, says Nestor Carbonell. [TV Guide]

That new character, Zoe, plays a huge part in the island's mythology, says actor Sheila Kelley. She's on the island looking for something and/or someone, and she'll know that person when she finds them. And she may not be as evil as her boss Charles Widmore — it goes back and forth. She's very loyal to Widmore, and she "has the answer." Also, Kelley explains Zoe's background:

She is a geophysicist. I think that she's very brilliant and loves what she does. She is a maverick in her field and believes there are more answers than the status quo is willing to buy into. So she wants to bring the concrete world of physics and geology into much more esoteric happenings, like time travel and the energy of the island. She's bridging the gap between science and belief. It's a strong theme throughout the whole show.


[TV Guide]

And Kelley tells US Magazine:

[Zoe] is Charles Widmore's right hand. She does all his dirty work. But she has her own strategy and agenda as well. In one script, I'm going in one direction. In another script, I'm going 180 degrees the other way.


[US Magazine]

Additional reporting by Mary Ratliff.