Discover Lost's Secret Baddie And Donna's Final Fate On Doctor Who

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Discover Lost's new archvillain, who may be someone you already know. Also, this weekend's Doctor Who may not end the way you're expecting. James Cameron talks Avatar 2. Plus Wolfman, Imaginarium, Fringe, Chuck and Day Of The Triffids spoilers!


Avatar 2:

The planet that Pandora orbits is called Polyphemus, and it's the primary for a system of moons, says James Cameron. "We have some story ideas for how to branch out into other moons of Polyphemus and the Alpha Centauri A solar system." [L.A. Times]

The Wolfman:

The movie's much-vaunted CG is used mostly in the transformation scenes, to bridge the actor's real face and the makeup of the wolf face — the film isn't supposed to be super CG-heavy, because it's a tribute to the old Lon Chaney films. [Shock Till You Drop]

The Imaginarium Of Dr. Parnassus:

When Dr. Parnassus made his deal with the devil to hand over his daughter in exchange for immortality and perpetual youth, the daughter wasn't even born yet — now she's 16, and the devil has come to London to collect on the deal. But Tony (Heath Ledger et al.), who passes through Parnassus' mirror into a land of imagination where his soul faces moral challenges, has a sketchy past and hidden agenda of his own. [IGN]



E! Online is continuing with their daily season six spoilers. Apparently, we'll meet a new big bad who makes Ben Linus look like an amateur, and here are some clues about him. He:

* Killed **h*.
* Killed ***o*.
* Is *** **o** *****e*.
* Wants to "g* ****."

People are interpreting this stuff to mean that "he" is the Smoke Monster and he "wants to go home." There is some disagreement over who "he" killed, though. (Don't forget, the Smoke Monster told Ben to obey Flocke.) Meanwhile, we'll see Desmond again early in the season, and it'll be in a surprising encounter with one of the Losties. [E! Online and E! Online]


And Sun, Jack and Locke were filming a scene on the beach where the Losties' camp was. But which Locke was this? [SpoilersLost]

Doctor Who:

We will find out "slightly" more about the Doctor's role in the Time War, says David Tennant, but "it won't be more explicit." And we'll see more familiar faces from the Doctor's past, including some surprises. [New Jersey Star-Ledger and MTV]


And fans are piecing together what we know to speculate a bit about how it all turns out. We know Donna survives, because we saw her filming a scene in her wedding dress. Wilf may be an exiled Time Lord, or something similar. Also, the mysterious woman speaking to Wilf could be Romana, or it could be a much older Rose Smith, who's lived a good long life with the "hand Doctor" in the alternate universe, and will now sacrifice herself heroically. [Sunny Tyler]

And here's a new trailer for part 2, different fromthe one which aired after Part 1. [Den Of Geek]


It sounds like we might get more introspective conversations between the Doctor and the Master in part 2, judging from this interview with Russell T. Davies:

I've always thought in a very strange way these two men love each other - not in a gay way, but they are similar and share a lot. There's more dialogue between them this time, more conversation. It's hard to bring them together for long in a scene because each of them will try to stop the other and they won't stand around talking too much. But I've worked hard this time. We learn more about their history, where they want to go. Both of them are heading for death, that's the important thing. The Doctor knows he's going to die, The Master is dying. He's been brought back to life but it hasn't worked, so both of them are trying to survive while heading to the Immortality Gate. Both in the same situation but at the same time enemies and total opposites.


Also, he hints once again that we shouldn't assume the Doctor regenerates in Saturday's episode. And it sounds like the Doctor references the events of "Waters Of Mars" one more time. [Digital Spy]

So the "Weeping Angels" from "Blink" are coming back in the new season. But how will they be portrayed? There may be a few hints in this new video about them, which the BBC just posted, narrated by Captain Jack Harkness. [via BlogtorWho]



Here are some promo pics from the unaired season one episode "Unearthed," which airs in January. [SpoilerTV]


And here are some pics from the next episode, "Edina City Limits". [SpoilerTV]


We've already seen Chuck play the guitar and fight kung-fu style, but we'll see him do other stuff, like drive vehicles. Anything a human body can do, Chuck can theoretically do now. [TV Talk Podcast]


Day Of The Triffids:

The characters in this new version don't kill the Triffids by pouring salt water on them, like in some earlier versions, says actor Dougray Scott. He plays the main character, who avoids blindness because his eyes were bandaged after an operation, and he hooks up with a radio journalist played by Joely Richardson. He adds:

The writer of our version has heavily updated the Wyndham concept, which was written at a time when people feared nuclear proliferation. There was that great fear of nuclear escape and his novel had a sort of cathartic response to that. Our production is doing a similar thing, only we've updated it to the genetic modification of plants created to replace oil in a world where oil has disappeared, which could be in the very near future.


[California Chronicle]

Additional reporting by Mary Ratliff.



I'm a little disappointed with DW, but not for the reason that is emerging on some sites ("too rushed"?). The fact that it was only an hour means the whole thing will only be slightly longer than a standard Christmas special, yet they seem to have bit off a lot more than they can chew. It requires prior knowledge of events, unlike previous specials which stood well on their own. The only logical flaw I'm seeing is how Lucy could be imprisoned for Harry's "murder" if the whole year had been forgotten. Supposing what Wilf's "identity" is or who the lady in white is are exercises in time-wasting (I opined a long time ago that Donna was really Romana, and look how that turned out); we can't know till the reveal. Like KeithZG, my devotion to the programme will not be affected if this special falls short of promise.