Brittany and Brianna Winner (aged 13) thought they were stupid because they had dyslexia. So their dad challenged them to prove otherwise - by writing a science fiction novel.

The resulting book (cowritten with dad), The Strand Prophecy, has won several awards, including three Benjamin Franklin awards, and an Independent Publisher book award. According to Amazon:

The Strand Prophecy is a science fiction epic set in the present day. The action begins on the steps of the White House, with stops in the jungles of Brazil and the deepest regions of Africa. Strand, a troubled and reluctant superhero discovers the beginning of a rapid evolutionary cycle. One in which new life and new predators will quickly emerge to threaten all of human existence. He races against time and the U.S. military to protect the innocent, safeguard his niece and along the way, perhaps find redemption for his brothers death.


The Winner twins shared their inspirational story with kids at West Middle School by performing songs they wrote themselves, dancing, and being interviewed by a 3-D robot on a big screen. Warning: newspaper site seems to be launching hostile code. [Downey Patriot]