Disaster, Immortalized.

Last week Annalee told me that io9 was going to devote a week to "Disasters", and wondered if I'd like to do something special. Disaster being my "thing," I said yes.

But I felt that you all needed something different, something special, something more than the general photoshopperie.

So what better way to celebrate this week of Disasters, than to give these works their due. With the official "It's a Disaster", illustrated, screen-printed poster. Click here to purchase.

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As a bit of back story for all of you who may be a bit newer, "It's a Disaster" came about as a joke between me and commenter Plague making fun of the default knee jerk reaction of the internet to see nearly every production announced as a total Disaster. But while one can debate the merits of things like Star Trek, Let Me In, or hell, even Transformers, but there are a collection of films out there that are truly Disasters. 100% un-debatable shitty films. I'm not talking camp classics like Plan 9, or intentionally bad films like Jason X, I'm talking about those things that no one out there likes, not even in an ironic way. Just pure crap.

Sure, you could hop on over to Etsy, or some other beloved site and get some Pop Culture art based around something that you love. Steampunk Firefly, or a crocheted tapestry of all of Dr. Who's companions, but it's so expected. Of course people will compliment you on that clever bit of handmade art, but if you really want a conversation starter, you hang a print that celebrates Battlefield Earth, Double Dragon, and Pluto Nash. For $30 plus shipping and handling, you can have the exquisite joy of explaining, to confused acquaintances, the art on your walls and what a Glaive is. Click here to purchase.

I'm sure some of you will comment below and say "WAT! How did you include X". And to this I say "You liking it doesn't mean it's not a total disaster." And others will say "WAT! How did you not include X!" and to this I say... "Trust me, I have a whole long list of things that didn't make it into this. (Wing Commander, I'm looking at you.) So if this does well, as is the formula, there will be a sequel."

Some notes...
The end product may vary slightly depending on the requirements of the printshop.
It will be a 5 color print on white paper, 18x24".
There will be limited quantity so get in quickly.
I am going to do my very very very best to get this out in time for X-Mas but I can't make that promise.


Unrelated... I lowered the prices on ROACH shirts a bit, and did another run of shirts that included some ladies sizes so if you want to have something that will definitely get there by X-Mas that may be the ticket. Click here for that.

For those of you who can't afford a print in these times, I understand, so for you I give you something you can at least hang on your computer screen with the image above in Wallpaper sizes.
1920x1200 (Widescreen)
1600x1200 (not widescreen)

Illustration for article titled Disaster, Immortalized.

This is Garrison Dean saying thanks.


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since so many want a key, here's my start on what I can ID.

Yes, I'm ashamed to NOT know all of them. :(

Appologies if any are wrong.

Going mostly by columns, cause that's more organized than in rows....

Battlefield Earth



Howard the Duck

Judge Dredd

Johnny Mnemonic

Star Trek V: The Final Frontier


Aeon Flux


AI: Artificial Intelligence

Bicentenial Man

??? (not Doomsday.)




The Adventures of Pluto Nash



Speed Racer

The Phantom Menace



The Time Machine

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull