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Disabled goldfish gets around with the underwater equivalent of a wheelchair

YouTube user synirr had one goldfish who just couldn't maintain her buoyancy. So she outfitted the fish with a special buoyant sling that let Goldie swim around her tank, paddling about with her front fins.


However, even with the sling, competition for food was still an issue, and so synirr would feed her sling-bound fish by hand:

Some of the commenters over at Mental Floss have speculated that the fish's woes might be caused by a bladder problem, and that she might need some more green veggies in her diet.


[via mental_floss]

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Too much work for a fucking gold fish. Even if this fish was out in a pond or something it'd never survive on it's own, look how it's fins are all messed up.

If it was having a bouncy problem it might just be swim bladder, which could actually clear up, but that fish clearly has more problems then just swim bladder.

What's worse, we don't really know what's wrong with the fish besides the shitty fins, who knows, it might have a disease that is endangering the entire tank now.