Just in time for the release of Marvel's huge new Captain America film, you're going to get a new expanded edition of the much-reviled 1990 version, director Albert Pyun tells io9.

Pyun's Captain America movie was supposed to be a relatively big-budget feature, until the financial backers pulled out a few days into shooting. As a result, the film was completed on a shoestring and many of the big action sequences had to be abandoned.


Now that Pyun has generated a fair bit of buzz with his director's cut of the movie Cyborg, he's planning to do the same with Captain America, which was edited by the producers after Pyun left the project. According to Pyun, the "director's cut" will be based on "my own 35 mm CA work picture and temp mix [that] I did before I left [the] picture."

So how will the director's cut be different? According to Pyun, it'll be much longer — 124 minutes instead of the 97 minute version that was officially released. It has "a few added scenes, and is more character-oriented and less 'super hero action.'" Also, Pyun's version has a different soundtrack and is in 5.1 stereo.

The "director's cut" of Captain America will be released on Blu-ray in May, and will be screened at Fantasia in Montreal and the B Movie Celebration in September. Meanwhile, Pyun is also working on a director's cut of his movie Ticker, as well as releasing the new films Road to Hell, Infection 2, Cool Air and Tales of an Ancient Empire (with Kevin Sorbo.)


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