Image credit: Rian Johnson/Instagram

Yesterday, Lucasfilm officially announced the title for Episode VIII: Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Now that itā€™s finally in the wild, the movieā€™s director can finally make one tweak to the current cut of the film heā€™s presumably been wanting to make for quite some time.

Rian Johnson took to Instagram today to share a teasery shot from The Last Jediā€™s ongoing editing process, giving us a teeny, tiny glimpse of the movieā€™s opening crawl:


Turns outā€”presumably to keep the title as secret as possible during the edit processā€”Johnson couldnā€™t actually officially ā€œcompleteā€ the opening crawl of the film until after the Last Jedi name was released by the company. Now the movie is a teeny, tiny bit closer to being complete!

I must admit though, the title does look very nice in that big, capitalized crawl font. It some how makes it more official than even the teaser poster we got yesterday.