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Director Josh Boone Will Bring The New Mutants To The Big Screen

Illustration for article titled Director Josh Boone Will Bring iThe New Mutants/i To The Big Screen

The X-Men cinematic universe is about to get a little bigger: Fox has announced a new spin-off movie set in the universe based on the teen mutant comic series The New Mutants, and The Fault In Our Stars director Josh Boone will head the project.


The movie, produced by Simon Kinberg and Lauren Shuler Donner (long-time collaborators on Fox’s X-Men movies) and co-written by Boone and Knate Gwaltney, will be a standalone entry in the X-Men movie series. Instead of highlighting a familiar mutant character already established, it will instead focus on a group of mutant students at the Xavier Institute as they come to grips with their powers as well as with being superheroes-in-training. The New Mutants has included lesser-known mutant heroes like Mirage/Dani Moonstar, Magik, Cannonball and others in the over 30 years they’ve been around in the comics.

There are no other plans confirmed for the movie just yet, not even a tentative release window, but it seems like those recent rumours about the end of Bryan Singer’s long-running movie universe weren’t true after all.


[Via Deadline]

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Angrier Geek

Suddenly the hope at Disney that the value of the XCU would fade with Jackman leaving the Wolverine role, is diminished slightly at the fact that Fox is actually expanding due in no small part to decades of story ideas and literally hundreds of characters to play with. They are seriously never giving The X-Men back to them. Ever.

That said, it is sad we’ll never see this story crossover, because it was sooo, much fun to read, but you need Loki: