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Director Duncan Jones Explains How Mute Suddenly Became a Scifi Film

Illustration for article titled Director Duncan Jones Explains How iMute/i Suddenly Became a Scifi Film

There are two huge scifi movies coming from fan favorite directors this weekend. One you’ll have to head to theaters to see: Alex Garland’s Annihilation. The other—the long-awaited, highly-anticipated Mute, directed by Duncan Jones—is arriving on Netflix.


Jones got his start with the amazing film Moon, directed the very solid Source Code, and recently made Warcraft, which was a bit more divisive than the last two but visually still impressive as hell. However, long before he made any of those, Jones had an idea for a noir detective story about a man who couldn’t speak going into a seedy underground to find the woman he loves. Originally, the idea was set in the modern day, but it eventually developed scifi elements and became Mute.

Jones told us about how that contemporary idea became science fiction, and how that setting developed into something wholly unique, yet recognizable:

We’ll have more from Jones soon, including how Mute ties into Moon and where his overarching saga is going next, so stay tuned.


Mute premieres on Netflix this Friday, February 23.

Entertainment Reporter for io9/Gizmodo

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I’m definitely looking forward to this. It seems like it could be even better than Moon was.

Also, since it has Paul Rudd in it, my wife will probably watch it too!