Direct-to-Web Show Is All Greenscreen

Can a hi-def sci-fi show succeed by going direct to the Web? Stage 3 Media is gambling that it can. In an interview at VIdFest in Vancouver, Stage 3 CEO Damien Kindler talks up the audacious gamble that is Sanctuary. Sanctuary is the highest budget direct-to-Web show ever, and the first show to be made entirely using greenscreen, with no sets.


The first four "Webisodes" are free on Youtube, but you have to pay for the high-quality versions of all eight. The premise is interesting: it's 2007 and New York City is overrun with monsters who feed off the poor. But a heroic woman scientist (played by Stargate's Amanda Tapping) wants to help the monsters control their powers. Unfortunately, the actual show is a tad cheesy (it starts with Jack the Ripper), and Kindler has the look of a tired pitchman reciting the same talking points for the millionth time.

Video: Sanctuary For All Interview [Web Strategy By Jeremiah]

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