Dinosaur geekery and boobies in the weirdest music video you've seen this week [NSFW]

As if the 1996 time travel flick Dinosaur Valley Girls weren't weird enough, the "randomly topless chicks meet allosaurus" movie takes a break in the middle to share this bizarro dance sequence. Called "Jurassic Punk," the song is about the mighty allosaurus and all the biting and hunting that he does. Also, he chases a lot of topless cave women. And ALSO, the topless cave women like to dance in caves full of purple lights and dry ice. You know, just the way they used to do during the Cretaceous.


The plot of this movie is seriously gooftastic, and it's definitely worth a watch if you're settling in for a nice night with the hash pipe. Tony is an action movie star whose main trouble in life is that he smokes a lot, and all the hot babes around him don't like it. Also, it gives him a smoker's cough. When he starts dreaming about cave babes, he goes to a shrink (played by Blacula - no I'm not kidding) who gives him a relic that grants one wish. So he wishes to go meet the cave babes of his dreams.

Whoosh! We go back in time to a non-existent era when humans co-existed with dinosaurs. The men are all Neandertal-looking dudes and the women are all hot babes from California who spend a lot of time grunting in cave language, making out with Tony, and grimacing every time he starts smoking. No matter where Tony goes, nobody wants him to smoke! Jeez! Lucky for him all the cave guys live far away and have sex with stuffed dolls (no I'm STILL not kidding) so the cave babes turn to Tony for all their booty.

Unfortunately, allosaurus is scaring the crap out of everybody, so Tony has to set his cigarettes aside and have a dino showdown! But not before there's this rousing tune, that you can see above. Seriously, this might be the most awesome paleontology nerd video ever made — if you just ignore the anachronistic human thing.

Jurassic punk! Jurassic punk!
He takes the lead!
He's out to feed!
Jurassic puuuuuunk!



False advertising! All but two of those things were not boobies. Just cringe inducing spherical chest taxidermy.