Digging Deeper Makes The Case For The Lost World's Relevance In The Jurassic Park Franchise

Digging Deeper has impressed us before with some interesting analysis on Joss Whedon’s Serenity, and now, they’ve gone and taken an in depth look at The Lost World, making us look at it in a bit of a different light.


These guys make the case for The Lost World being a notable installment of the franchise by poking at the tropes of Jurassic Park, flipping some of the characters, and maybe making fun of the film industry that created the franchise in the first place.

It’s an interesting, detailed feature that’s worth watching.



Is Jurassic World worth watching at all, or is it basically just Jaws 3-D if it had dinosaurs and earned a bazillion dollars? (And it’s already losing points for no Bess Armstrong.)