We really dug the inaugural issue of the Journal of Science Fiction earlier this year, and the Museum of Science Fiction has just released their second issue.

This latest issue takes a look at a pretty interesting variety of topics: Spanish Utopia novels from the 1930s, Soviet Science Fiction, Fahrenheit 451, Afrofuturism and author M.R. Carey.


Here’s the table of contents:

  • Spanish Anarchism and the Utopian Novel in the 1930s: The Libertarian Society of the Future in El amor dentro de 200 años (Love in 200 Years) by Alfonso MartĂ­nez Rizo by Mariano Martin Rodriguez
  • Stalin’s “Loss of Sensation”: Subversive Impulses in Soviet Science-Fiction of the Great Terror by David Christopher
  • Archival Domination in Fahrenheit 451 by Joseph Hurtgen
  • Ecocritical Survival through Psychological Defense Mechanisms in M.R. Carey’s The Girl With All The Gifts by Ruzbeh Babaee
  • Sherri L. Smith’s Orleans and Karen Sandler’s Tankborn: The Female Leader, the Neo-Slave Narrative, and Twenty-first Century Young Adult Afrofuturism by Melanie A. Marotta

You can download the entire issue here.