Dig Deep Into Game of Thrones' 'Long Night' With This 40-Minute Behind the Scenes Video

It wasn’t all smiles behind the scenes of The Long Night.
It wasn’t all smiles behind the scenes of The Long Night.
Image: HBO

Leading up to this final season of Game of Thrones, we heard so much about one huge battle—a battle that was going to be the biggest ever shown on TV, featuring practically every character you love from the show, filmed over multiple months.

That battle finally arrived last night, in an episode called The Long Night.” It featured many armies on the side of humanity taking a stand against the Night King and his White Walkers. The whole thing was an epic, slightly dark affair that still has everyone buzzing.

Now, you may be wondering, what was making that insanity like? HBO has been kind enough to answer that question with a 40-minute documentary focused entirely on this one episode; it goes beat by beat through all the huge moments in terms of visual effects, character motivations, and so much more. It’s really good but super spoilery, so only watch this if you’ve seen the episode.

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Here’s the video.

Frankly, despite all the incredible visual effects and grueling hours the actors put into this epic episode, one of the best parts of this video is simply seeing everything in a different light, literally. Much of the footage is so much clearer than it was on TV because it’s from the set and not color corrected or anything yet.

What was your favorite piece of information revealed above? Or, you can just say “Seeing Emilia Clarke geek out while talking about Arya killing the Night King.” That’s also acceptable.

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Pope Somhairle, Bishop of Evans, Pine, Hemsworth, Anti-Pratt

Just going to rrply to the various comments at once:

You not watching the episode in a dark room in 1080 is your dumb fault, not GoT. Your eye issues are with your eye doctor, not the production staff. Every single person I’ve talked to online and off who saw it had tge proper settings, all the ones who didn’t failed to optimize.

RE: sense of scale. This was covered on the warmap the previous episode, with the ravens when Bran wargs, and in every shot relative to the castle walls. As for the scale of the NK’s army not being shown, uh yeah it was. The Dothraki charge establishes her 30000 cavalry are dwarfed and over-run by the dead. Pay attention.

The dragons were easy to keep up with if you paid attention to their actions and applied that in wide shots, and Viserion had giant holes in the wings.

It was not a perfect episode. I had my issues and if you had a hard time seeing, i can understand up until you start blaming other shit when GoT prepared you to be ready for how to view this. They shoot in 1080, it streams best that way. If your eyesight isn’t great, you can fudge brightness and contrast as needed. Darken your room. These were tools available to you.