Maybe you've been searching high and low for the perfect pair of boxer briefs to demonstrate your intimate love for Batman, the Flash, or the Green Lantern. But Diesel's line of DC Comics-themed underwear are to be worn strictly under the pants.

It wasn't enough for Diesel to design a line of high end underwear modeled after three of the DC Universe's most popular superheroes (plus the Joker); they had to amp up the novelty by making their superhero underwear change colors. Batman's underwear gradually reveals an armor pattern with repeated scratching. The Flash's reveals the crackling hero when exposed to body heat. And the Green Lantern's pattern only appears when exposed to light. Essentially, one pair of boxer briefs encourages you to scratch at yourself, while two would be most effective when worn in public. Only the wearers of the less-than-attractive Joker boxers (which don't change color) have a hope of being responsible citizens.


A pair of these babies will set you back $34, and mysteriously don't come in Superman.

[Diesel via ComicsAlliance]


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