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Diego Luna Really Wants to Touch Jabba the Hutt

Illustration for article titled Diego Luna iReally/i Wants to Touch Jabba the Hutt

A leading role in a smash hit Star Wars movie might seem like a dream come true for Diego Luna. But playing Cassian Andor was apparently number two on Luna’s Star Wars wish list... behind yearning for an intimate moment with the galaxy’s most famous space slug crime lord.


Apparently Luna has professed his intense desire to touch the fleshy mass that is Jabba the Hutt a frankly alarming number of times during the press circuit for Rogue One. Because lo and behold, he said it enough for a nearly two-minute montage of him professing to various journalists that his dream is to get his hands on Jabba’s slimy, intriguingly textured body:


Can someone just get the man a damn Hutt to prod? It’s the least you can do after making him do all that running around saving the galaxy in the movie.

James is a News Editor at io9. He wants pictures. Pictures of Spider-Man!

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I am fine with Sexy Slave Diego being in a Star Wars standalone, replacing Sexy Slave Leia in pop conscious.

Maybe in the Han Solo movie. Young Han goes to Jabba and there is Andor undercover as Jabba’s slave pet. For the Rebellion!