South African rap-rave group Die Antwoord will be in Neill Blomkamp's new robot comedy Chappie, as themselves. Which... of course they are! This makes perfect sense. Hell,Yolandi Visser has been singing about this day for a while now.


Die Burger is reporting that Visser and her other half Ninja will be appearing in the film, which will start filming in Johannesburg this September. What's Chappie about? No idea, and Blomkamp isn't talking — the most he's said about the film is to confirm that it's a comedy about a "really ridiculous robot," and that it will have the same visual style as his previous and current films (District 9 and Elysium). Which works quite well with the Die Antwoord.

But that's all we know, for now. Clearly Visser has known about this move for a long time singing "Neill Blomkamp's makin' me a movie star" in the "Baby's On Fire" music video, including a shot of an adorable autograph pic. Can't wait to see what these minds create together.


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