Did you spot the Golden Age Marvel Comics easter egg in Captain America?

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You probably knew there would be nods to the Avengers in Captain America: The First Avenger, but did you expect a brief appearance by the Human Torch? The original version?


Eagle-eyed fan Doc Hermes spotted the above frame in the World's Fair sequence at the start of the film — it's the original, android version of the Human Torch, "still in the wrapper." The Human Torch is the creation of Professor Phineas Horton, who kept him in a glass case — until one day, he was exposed to air and caught fire as a result. This easter egg is probably just a cool shoutout to the fact that Chris Evans played the Human Torch in two Fantastic Four movies — but who knows? Maybe the android Torch will get to flame out in the Captain America sequel?

[Doc Hermes via Badass Digest]

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Alasdair Wilkins

In case anyone is curious - I actually discussed this with the Cap writers when I interviewed them. I think I left it out of the interview because the movie hadn't come out yet, and it didn't make a whole lot of sense without having seen the film. I do mention this in the review though, I believe.

Anyway, few salient points:

- For legal reasons, it's referred to as "Dr. Phineas Horton's invention" in all movie-related materials, or something to that effect. They're pretty sure that Fox owns all Human Torches, FF or not, so they couldn't explicitly refer to him as such.

- Following on from that, they're pretty sure the Human Torch could not appear in a larger capacity in future Cap movies, as they don't technically own the rights to him.

- This shout-out was in the script *before* Chris Evans was cast, so the Human Torch overlap is just a nice coincidence.