Did you know that the classic Clash song "London Calling" was actually about climate change? That's what the original band members say in a fascinating interview with the Wall Street Journal.

According to Mick Jones, who co-wrote the song with the late Joe Strummer:

The initial inspiration for the song "London Calling" wasn't British politics. It was our fear of drowning. In 1979 we saw a headline on the front of the London Evening Standard warning that the North Sea might rise and push up the Thames, flooding the city. We flipped. To us, the headline was just another example of how everything was coming undone.


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Patrick Farley

"London Calling?" More like bullshit calling. As much as I love the Clash, I believe this ret-con about as much as I believe Sting when he said this song (which I also love) was about global climate change....