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Did You Ever Want to Hug the Disembodied Torso of Jason Momoa?

Don’t stare into his eyes for too long.
Don’t stare into his eyes for too long.
Image: Infinity Studios
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Look, we’ve all been there. Pondering. Waiting. Watching that water shot from Justice League on loop and yearning to somehow transmute into a liquid state. We yearned: Oh, how I wished I could own an honestly quite creepy in its accuracy lifesize bust of Jason Momoa as Aquaman in the not-hit motion picture Justice League. Well, wish no more friends: reality is here.


Just in time for him to gaze a hole right through your very existence before Zack Snyder’s Justice League panel at DC FanDome in a few weeks, Infinity Studio has released a look at its life-sized (yes, life-sized!) rendition of Jason Momoa’s upper torso, as it appeared in the theatrical release of Justice League. And...I’m alarmed? This upper torso alarms me?


Clocking in at roughly 38" tall, your statuesque Momoa maquette features the would-be-King of Atlantis (not at this point in the DCU timeline, at least) wielding his trident and gazing off into the distance—perhaps, directly into your eyes, the very window into your soul. That’s pretty much all he can do, considering he’s a massive torso made out of polystone (for the armor and trident), medical-grade silicon (for the skin), and 100,000 high-temperature fibers (for the hair, duh). Oh, and a pair of movie-accurate prosthetic eyeballs that really, really are quite disconcerting.

It’s $3,000 worth of disconcerting, really.

Wait, three thousand what now?

Yup. That’s the price you’ll have to pay for an unaging, creepily lifelike 40" bust of movie star Jason Momoa that you could, in the privacy of your own home, practice hugging just in case you get the chance to do so in a consenting environment in a future where we’re allowed to touch people again. Worth paying? You do you, frankly.


Infinity Studios’ Justice League Aquaman bust doesn’t have a release date yet, so you can start saving up now in preparation.


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James is a News Editor at io9. He wants pictures. Pictures of Spider-Man!

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