Last week, we got a look at the easter eggs in the Marvel Cinematic Universe up through Thor: The Dark World, but Guardians of the Galaxy is particularly packed with references to Marvel's comics, and this video lays out a bunch of them.

Naturally, this video by Mr Sunday Movies is packed with spoilers, so if you haven't seen Guardians of the Galaxy yet, stay away. Otherwise, sit back and enjoy this tour through Marvel's cosmic universe.

This video explores a few of the pop culture references scattered throughout the film (for example, Peter Quill named his ship after Alyssa Milano), as well as looking at the comic book versions of some of the movie's more minor characters (the pink-skinned girl wearing Peter's t-shirt early on in the film is Bereet, the alien movie star who eventually encounters the Hulk), and the many, many artifacts in the Collector's den (including Cosmo, the cocoon from Thor: The Dark World that may hold Adam Warlock, and a Chitauri). Plus, there is some nice info on how the various characters (like Yondu, for example) and their backgrounds deviate from what we see in the comics—and some callbacks to other movies. As Rocket, Bradley Cooper even manages to make a reference to The Hangover.

[via Comic Book Movie]